The end of an era

We are going out of business

Thank you all for your support over the last 3 years!

It has been almost 3 years ago from today, that Dave and me decided to rock the rugby gear market in Switzerland with our own onlineshop. It has been a lot of work to set up the whole infrastructure, the design, the contracts with various partners, contacting clubs, learning how to deal with the administrations etc. But it was a really interesting and rewarding process.
We both worked on this project in our free time, because we knew it would not make us rich, it was just something we thought was necessary to be done to help rugby clubs and players in Switzerland to get easier access to buying equipment.

However, in the last one to one and a half years, a lot has happened in both our lives which made it more and more difficult to run the business in a way that we could still be honestly satisfied with the work we did. So after very much consideration, we decided to either go on again with 100% percent of effort or be honest to ourselves and quit.
As you may guess, we finally went for the second option. When we started our business, there was no online rugby shop in Switzerland, only one in Lichtenstein, which did not have any competition. Now we have two shops, and several new businesses doing teamgear. We feel like the market has evolved in a good direction and we will leave it in a better condition than it was before we started.
It was really important to us, to still fulfill all our existing contracts and to make sure that we can hand over several projects to other partners.

Looking into the future
We got in contact with the guys of Swiss Rugby Shop, to hand over our complete stock to them, and we can highly recommend them to you for the future.
Also we got in contact with our friends, over at Belief Sports Europe, with whom we will do this years edition of the Bishopscup for one final time. We will once again provide the official match balls and give Belief Sports Europe the chance to take over from us after that. We will also sell the leftovers of our stock at the tournament.

Personally, we both have lots of other stuff going on that we can invest our freed up time on. I will increase my work for Velafrica – an NGO I was able to do my civil service at and several other small projects. Dave will have more time for his family.

We would like to thank you all very much for all the love and support we received. It has not been an easy decision to quit, but you can be sure we will not completely leave the rugby community and of course we would be happy to see all of you at the Bishopscup in June ;)

Keep up the good work you all do in your clubs, and have a good start into the second half of the season!

Much love

Chris & Dave